Making SkyDancing Tantra accessible for anyone who wishes to bring it into their life, is important to us. We are pleased to offer financial support for those in particular financial hardship by receiving reduced tuition for the Immersion. Applications are taken first come, first served and the spaces will be filled as sponsorship tuition registrations are purchased.

The options are:

🕉 Partial Scholarship - You request an amount of support that will make it feasible for you. If you can offer some financial contribution, which is less than the discounted tuition, let us know what you can afford.

🕉 Referral - You can earn $60 for people who are accepted into the program that you refer, excluding partners. This helps spread the word about SkyDancing Tantra and you earn the value of your tuition partially, in full, or even earn $$$ for yourself!

🕉 Volunteer - In exchange for your Immersion tuition you will help us with marketing, the emotional support team, lounge entertainment support, interpreting sessions, social media engagement, or the technical support. Some skills may be required. All volunteer positions must first be approved for appropriate skill level and need.

🕉 Full Scholarship - If you need full financial support and have limited time to offer then ask. We will match you with sponsors as they contribute.