Referral program: get cash for spreading the news!


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▶ What is the SkyDancing Online Immersion ♥ Share the Love ♥ Referral Program?

Spread the news, talk about the Immersion, be our ambassador. You will receive $60/€60 for each of your contacts who registers(*). Your help is precious to us.

Passionate of Tantra, or marketing professional newbie to Tantra, whether you intend to participate or not, our referral program is open to everyone.

▶ How does it work?

Step one:

Enroll and choose your own personal referral discount code that will ensure tracking of the registrations you generated.

Step two:

Share your personal tracking link (or personal discount code) with others. Your personalized marketing kit will make it easier for you.

▶ How will I be paid?

We will pay you after the end of the event.

▶ Detailed conditions to be paid

(*) Detailed conditions:

  • Participant needs to have accessed the Immersion website initially using your personal registration link, or used your personal discount code when registering.
    • Using the personal registration link will ensure your personal discount code is applied, even if they forgot to enter it. Hence using your personal registration link is the recommended way to communicate the Immersion.
    • In case participant has accessed the website twice via two different registration links, the oldest (first) of the two accesses is considered.
    • We can only guarantee you the referral credit if the participant used one of the two (personal registration link or personal discount code).
  • We pay referral for one participant per registration ; when a couple signs up, we take into account the most expensive of the two tikets for you.
  • Referral applies only to new parcitipants to the Immersion — someone who was not on our lists yet. Typically you can't benefit of your own discount code.
  • You will receive € or $ depending on the currency of the participant's payment.
  • Any canceled, refunded, or fully sponsored participation does not yield referral payment.